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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Latin Pop Explosion

(This video is a mix of Latin Pop in the 90s. It includes a variety of artists and young groups that were popular with Latin pop.)
Hispanics were becoming the largest ethnic minority in the United States and increasing in population as well. Their music was already at the top in the 90s and was very popular worldwide because of its upbeat tempo and how it made one feel after listening to a happy song! Latino artists were on a rise in 1999 and many of them made the Top 40 hits and then an explosion of Latin Pop music came about. All the Latin artists were reaching the top of the charts and were becoming very popular to the crowd of listeners. They were appearing on magazines, television shows, music videos, and posters. Most Latino neighborhoods would have the music blasting while doing daily chores as well as quoting lyrics on social networks and such because they felt it related to their life. Latin music became very popular because it related to people in aspects of love, romance, and social issues. Everyone was mesmerized by the beats and the dances used in these Latin songs. The 90s led Latin Pop music to take different paths and new talents to be recognized. Latin Pop is enhancing through the dances and different ways Latin artists portray the music in their videos (Feinstein-Barti, 2001).

Latin Pop is now a dominating influence and has gained so many more fans. Crossover artsits started from the bottom and now have Pop audiences screaming their lyrics at concerts! Artists such as the ones we have mentioned throughout this blog have gained a lot of respect through their career and present a strong sense of love for their music. The Latin Pop culture was covered by radio and TV where they presented interviews on different artists sharing their feelings about how far they have come as well as just asking them why they decided to change how they first began their career to the Latin pop blood they have in them now. Latin Pop is still one of the most popular Latin music genres today and has gone a very long way through history (Piccoli and Morales, 2006).
 (This video is a mix about Latin Pop music from the year 2000 to present. This includes a mix of different artists and songs to show how much Latin Pop has improved throughout the centuries. )