Hi everyone! This is our blog digging deeper into the meaning of Latin Pop. I hope you enjoy the music and our opinions and facts on this music genre. Thank you to our fellow classmates and our professor Dr. Collen Kattau. Have a great summer!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Definition of Latin Pop

"Latin pop music generally is identified as pop music which has a Latin American influence. It has become popular form of music in the United States of America during the ’80s and ’90s and still keeps its influence everywhere. In other words, the influence of Latin pop is not really restricted just to Americans; it has attracted the interest of production techniques as well as other styles of music. Tejano music, for instance, favored in Texas and Mexico, had started introducing synthesizers, slicker production, and urban sensibility to previous styles such as norteƱo and conjunto. ‘Pop Latino’ may be identified by its brand Latin instrumentation and rhythms which might be incorporated into the tracks. In geographical terms, Latin popular music has a strong Latin American influence which is sung by a many of Latin American singers. This genre of music is mostly sung in Spanish, Italian, French or Portuguese, though English has become more common these days."(hwgtsmagazine.com, 2012)

Looking at so many definitions of Latin Pop, this one really sums it all up. So many different types of music coming together to make one amazing genre. Latin pop is just like a melting pot of people's different ideas and different types of sounds as one. Luckily, their sounds mix and make what Latin pop truly is. Latin pop has so many different flavors that help create such a broad type of sound. That is what makes it so unique. Looking at all the countries and different places that helped incorporate it to create such a unique sound, it is crazy to think that Latin pop didn't become much bigger sooner then it did. It wasn't widely recognized from other parts of the world but they helped incorporate to make what we now listen to and enjoy with such different styles. If it weren't for so many different influences Latin pop would sound just like every other genre of music.