Hi everyone! This is our blog digging deeper into the meaning of Latin Pop. I hope you enjoy the music and our opinions and facts on this music genre. Thank you to our fellow classmates and our professor Dr. Collen Kattau. Have a great summer!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Influences on Latin Pop

In the 1980s and 1990s, Latin Pop became a popular form of Latin music in the United States and it achieved a booming record for having so many non-Latino listeners during this time. Latin Pop was greatly affected by different styles of music and dances that originated in the United States. Everyone knows New York and Miami for their Latin club scenes full of life and tropical music. During the 1980s, the rise of Latin freestyle music began which came with a club-oriented dance that relied on different musical instruments and different sounds to move your body to. After Latin freestyle prospered it influenced the rise of Latin Pop, which had some similarities except Latin pop was more up beat and relied more on Pop for it’s musical flavor.
In our opinion, Latin pop was universal to everyone and influenced many other genres as well. Artists who began singing just American music heavily influenced this genre of music in the end. Later, many of them switched into Latin pop and sung their songs in a variety of languages but now stick to Spanish and English. Latin pop is a very fun genre and is played worldwide in all the clubs and parties to engage people in dancing and moving around to enjoy the beat. Latin pop has come a long way and is still very popular in the 21st century thanks to artists and devoted fans that enjoy this type of music (All Music, 2011.)